"PLANIN has shown commitment, efficiency and always lots partnership with Duratex. It promotes an active and strategic work of the brand consolidation and development of a proactive approach." Lia Carneiro, Organizational Development Manager, Duratex.
"My biggest concern, as the leader of research in Brazil, is to ensure that our views are adequately represented, reflecting our technical expertise, our vision and our impartiality. PLANIN plays a key role in the various processes through which the information of our research reach the public at large - and has demonstrated excellent performance in this role, over the many years that have served us." Cassio Dreyfuss, Vice President, Gartner
"PLANIN is a Rossi partner of nearly 10 years. The work of PLANIN shows commitment, agility and skills to help us make strategic decisions and enjoy the best opportunities."João Härter, National Marketing Manager, Rossi
"PLANIN has assisted us in a very professional way. Without losing the personality, it has always careful to find a way to establish better communication between our company and our customers, partners and the media in general." Lincoln Oliveira, Director of Embratel Star One
"Since 2001 when I started my activities in Confenar, I have contact with PLANIN. What impresses me the agency is the team's ability to adapt when there are any changes, keeping intact the quality of work and even exceeding expectations in certain actions. Journalists are competent and lead very efficiently the different Confenar's communication fronts (Site, Bulletin Board, Facebook, Magazine and Press). Also, this is the result of an experienced leadership and assertiveness carried out by the CEO of the agency, Angelica Consiglio. She and her team take care of our actions with excellence."Adriana Neves, Director of Communication and Marketing, Confenar - National Confederation of Ambev Resales and Distribution Logistics Companies
"We are PLANIN customers for many years and we see the agency as a multidisciplinary partner. With competent, responsive and dynamic performance in the various platforms on which she supports us, we invariably reach our goals."Nino Feoli Anele, Executivo de Negócios e Parceiras, Confenar – Nino Feoli Anele, Business Executive and Partner, Confenar - National Confederation of Ambev Resales and Distribution Logistics Companies
PLANIN has proved a very organized agency, proactive and always looking for projects and opportunities to achieve our goals. They are always available and have developed a consistent work in relation to the image and capacity of our leaders. Together, we are developing a great image of construction work in the market."Jessica C. Oliveira, Marketing Manager, Zenvia 
"We knew PLANIN in 2009, when we started a happy partnership for Press Advisory Services. Since the beginning of this partnership, we realize high added value, always with a team that works in collaboration with clients, worried about leveraging results and generating positive exposure in the media. As a result, we stand between the preferences of journalists to generate materials and interviews, improving the company's image in the market and among customers and business partners. We look forward to continuing this partnership for collaboration with our goal of continued growth." Karin Hassan, Marketing Brazil, CGI
"PLANIN has been a key for positioning, growth and consolidation of Dassault Systèmes in Brazil. It is really a partnership that just reinforces every year. With a highly qualified team focused on customer needs and exceptional market insight, PLANIN has helped us to develop communication strategies with our diverse audience (Engineering and Technology) in various media segments (Specialized and Business). In addition, PLANIN always has excelled in supporting us in business transformation challenges and strategic redirections. Congratulations, Angelica and Team!"Maíra Gracini, Marketing Manager Latin America, Dassault Systèmes  
"PLANIN is an important partner for the Instituto Embratel Claro, not only contributing to the message of the Institute to its public and media outlets to be as clear as possible, as offering ongoing support in the review of the publications and annual reports texts."Luiz Bressan Filho, Director of Instituto Embratel Claro
 "PLANIN in that one year of partnership, proved to be efficient in understanding our business and gain space in the media. We are very satisfied with the service, the work performed and results achieved."Andrea Cominato, Director of Sustainability and Marketing, NewSpace Group
"The professionalism and experience of the PLANIN assist CISA in disseminating information on the binomial health and alcohol, in a serious and transparent way. Thank you for successful partnership, knowing that new achievements will come."CISA - Information Center on Health and Alcohol
"Since 2011, PLANIN has been our partner in ComVocê informative, contributing to the evolution of the same over time, doing a good job in the proposal of tariffs, and active search of the most appropriate sources for each subject. Still, conduct proper management schedule of each issue, ensuring an attractive informative for our customers and meeting deadlines for disclosure, which are considered critical to a periodical publication."Solange M. Abreu, Intelligence in Health Business, AxisMed
With the growth of Ponto Forte, we feel the need to seek a professional company in the communications segment. We find PLANIN that with their competence and creativity, has initially assisted in the revitalization of our brand as well as the application of it in our institutional material, including website, corporate video and internal newsletter development. Due to the good results obtained, we will continue relying on the PLANIN staff in all other communication projects of Ponto Forte.Denise Justo Chama, Human and Organizational Development Manager, Ponto Forte
"The PLANIN Company is quite competent and committed, and proof of this are the employees, i.e., its people, its Team, very well trained and able to hear us and meet efficiently. Besides being an innovative company, PLANIN search the communication always update, in which we have a number of fronts to be able to think, take action and act. I would like to place on record that in partnership with PLANIN both sides win and, no doubt, we are always seeking to improve our means of communication with the help of this reputable company."Marcel Garden, Executive Manager, Confenar - National Confederation of Ambev Resales and Distribution Logistics Companies
 "The partnership of many years with PLANIN is the result of work done with seriousness and confidence. With professionals always aligned to our values and Rossi brand, help us achieve our goals with respect to internal communication and develop quality content to our employees."Vanessa Fernandes Gomides Leandro, Coordinator of Personnel Management, Rossi
"PLANIN is a great example of partnership that surprised at the beginning and is still improving over time. As Strategic Communications Advisory acting for Rossi's HQ and the Regional offices, in a geographical distribution covering more than 60 cities in Brazil, PLANIN always shown its commitment to the company and a high-level operating efficiency, assisting us in making strategic decisions, actively working in the construction and consolidation of Rossi brand and, mainly, evolving us, showing itself open to test new initiatives and learning together at the speed the business requires". By  Vivian Cukier, Rossi's Institutional Marketing Manager
 PLANIN has been an important strategic partnership for our company. Partnership that is growing every day. Through an excellent, dedicated and fully committed team, PLANIN has contributed to the consolidation and strengthening of the brand of our company with customers and other audiences". By Maria Teresa Azevedo Lima, Embratel Executive Director
"PLANIN works with Gartner for several years and always held an impeccable job, not only in the dissemination of the immense amount of content generated by Gartner, but also in defense of our impartiality as supplier research and advice in information technology. I am sure that the strength of Gartner brand in Brazil has a lot of the competent contribution of PLANIN's team". By Marcio Krug, Gartner Country Manager in Brazil
 "Via Embratel was launched in December 2008 with an innovative proposal for pay TV, aiming to fast presence in most Brazilian cities. PLANIN played a key role in its development. The dynamics of rapid communication and focused on vehicles and journalists specialized in telecommunications and mass service as well as in addressing opinion leaders, potentiated the interest of our target audience: users and partners. Even as an entertainment and information service adopted by hundreds of thousands of customers, Via Embratel has passed a few moments of friction with its audience. Even there, PLANIN proved critical to the business, guiding the company's executives in its position relating to the most sensitive issues and making the message of Via Embratel clear as possible to the media and their staff". By Antonio João Filho, Claro HDTV Executive Director
 More than to convey information about our brands and products, garnering support of public opinion, PLANIN knows how to "create" relevance to this information. The result is that we have achieved over three years of partnership, having our printed materials in the main media and interviews in the most respected programs in the country". By Rosana Lourenço, Hanesbrands Inc.Marketing Manager
 Embratel is a company of national presence, and one of the most admired brands by Brazilians. For over five years, we have PLANIN's expertise to take our message to journalists, opinion leaders and stakeholders". By Oscar Petersen – Embratel Corporate CEO
 PLANIN has been a serious and professional partner in the development of relationship strategies for Star One with the various segments of media and press. For us, PLANIN promotes an honest and factual relationship with various media, bringing confidence to Star One in the correct dissemination of issues related to the company". By  Gustavo Silbert, Star One President
 The work developed by PLANIN Corporate has been an important tool in disseminating offered Englishtown courses. Congratulations for their commitment and for their great performance". By Pérsio Deluca, Englishtown General Manager
 "Embratel has always invested in innovation, technology, differentiated services and strong relationships with its customers. PLANIN presented as an excellent option for communicating with different audiences of our interest. A work of great responsibility that could only be entrusted to a company with the know-how and the seriousness of PLANIN. A successful partnership that has yielded numerous achievements and continues to bring good results". By Adriana Coutinho Viali – Embratel Executive Director
 PLANIN was responsive to understand our business and identify opportunities. In almost a year of work, we have achieved more relevance in the press than in the last three years". By Paulo Loeb, F.biz Managing Partner
 "We have a relationship with PLANIN since 2005. Over these years, the quality of its services and understanding of the reality of our industry are improving in proportion to the time we have worked together". By José Henrique Nunes Barreto, Sindifumo SP President
 About PLANIN, I can assure the confidence in their professionals, as in the issues discussed by us, seeing them too bright and talent with a keen understanding of what referendum, we have taken great results together". By Hamilton Picolotti, Confenar former president
Agility, proactivity and creativity are concepts that identify PLANIN's team in our day to day". By Nino Feoli Anele, Confenar General Manager
 For us, PLANIN is more than one partner in building the brand image. It makes  TOPMIND to show the market who it really is. And that is the most important for us" By Sandra Maura, TOPMIND Executive Director
 PLANIN adds credibility to our mission of disseminating scientific information on health and alcohol, through a team of trained and qualified journalists, and over two years together, laid the work of this NGO, which is classified among the most important in the country". By CISA Team
 PLANIN is an important ally in the process of consolidation and recognition of our brand in the domestic market. Over the past years we have collected excellent results as a result of this partnership". By Adriano Patrão, iFactory Managing Director
"Through the press office services, Microsom Group has gained high visibility through its product lines, expanding and consolidating its network of relationships and their target audiences. PLANIN has a very integrated and competent working team, active and always looking for new ways of disseminating". By Rodrigo Lopes, Microsom Group Marketing Manager
 I consider the staff of PLANIN as true partners. They walk in the same rhythm as ours, they understand very well our needs and are always around". By Luciana Franco, TBM Consulting Marketing Director
 As ações com a imprensa são fundamentais em nosso negócio. A PLANIN começou a trabalhar conosco em dezembro de 2008, e saltamos de 2 a 3 matérias por mês para uma média de 30 matérias/ mês, nos colocando como uma das referências nacionais nos mercados de câmbio, ouro e metais preciosos. Estamos muito satisfeitos com a qualidade do trabalho e com os resultados obtidos. Definitivamente é fundamental trabalhar com equipes profissionais quando se trata de imprensa, e a PLANIN tem feito este trabalho muito bem . Por Rodolfo Bueno, gerente de marketing do Grupo FITTA
 PLANIN has a professional team and is fully committed to the client. PLANIN developed an outreach work of the D-Link brand in the Brazilian market, both in print, online, radio and TV, leading to the market information of the company's strategies and product launches". By Alexandre Wu, D-Link Brazil General Director
 Working with PLANIN has always been a pleasure for me. An agile, proactive and competent agency, and, above all, formed by a motivated, committed and partner team, which makes us very quiet as to guarantee successful results obtained for the Reveillon Enchanté". By Virna Miranda, Caco de Telha Marketing Manager