Gartner identifica as principais previsões da indústria para empresas de TI nos próximos anos

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O Gartner, líder mundial em pesquisa e aconselhamento sobre tecnologia, revelou as principais previsões da indústria para as organizações de TI e usuários para os próximos anos. Analistas dizem que as redes sociais, as comunicações móveis, a nuvem e a informação estão pressionando as empresas a mudarem processos de negócios e que os decisores da indústria devem usar as previsões do Gartner para entender e responder ao “Nexus das Forças”.


Gartner Identifies Top Vertical Industry Predictions for IT Organisations for 2013 and Beyond

The Nexus of Forces Will Drive Massive Transformation in Many Industries


STAMFORD, Conn., 19 December, 2012 — Gartner, Inc. has revealed its top industry predictions for IT organisations and users for 2013 and beyond. Analysts said that social networking, mobile communications, the cloud and information are pressuring enterprises worldwide to make fundamental changes in business processes and that industry decision-makers should use Gartner’s predictions to understand and respond to this Nexus of Forces.

Gartner’s annual Predicts research on industry trends titled “Top Industry Predicts 2013: The Nexus of Forces Will Drive Massive Transformation in Many Industries,” features 14 strategic planning assumptions that CIOs, senior business executives and IT leaders should factor into their enterprise planning and strategy-setting initiatives. The report is available on the Gartner Predicts 2013 website,

“Most industries will face massive changes during the period from 2013 through 2015. These changes will force fundamental shifts in business processes that will, in turn, further reshape those industries,” said Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “The social commons, mobile communications, cloud computing and information will be especially important factors in driving even greater industry transformation, challenging existing business models and processes and opening up greater competitive and other threats.”

CIOs and other IT and business leaders can use Gartner’s predictions and recommendations to better understand the forces that are changing their world and develop strategies to address the requirements of a fast-changing business environment. The top industry predictions include: